🌱 Effective Open Source

Content Thesis

A rationale for effectiveopensource.dev.

Hi, I’m with-heart! I’m a software engineer and open source maintainer from Cincinnati, Ohio.

I’ve always been passionate about open source development, which is the process of creating software through global, voluntary communities built around cooperation and knowledge-sharing. I care about open source stewardship because I’ve experienced the open source process from every direction—as a consumer, a contributor, and a maintainer—and I know first-hand how difficult it is to coordinate open source development in a way that produces effective software backed by a healthy, dynamic, and open community.

I publish content on effectiveopensource.dev exploring topics related to effective open source stewardship, such as community-building, accessible documentation, contribution processes, and project planning and tooling.

These articles are for open source maintainers who want to expand the possibilities of their projects and build vibrants communities to support them.